Deep ‘Live’ Intensive 2020
2020 has been a living classroom of lessons about how to make sales 
a genuine superpower.  
What profound lessons did you learn
from this year? 
∙ Learn the 3 shifts your business needs to 
Triumph in 2021
∙ Pre-Load the year to make 2021 EPIC
∙ Prepare to face your fears, push your limits, and lean into your edge
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You can no longer be the agent having the same offering as every other single agent in the marketplace. We noticed a trend this year where we began to see a clear line between agents who are dominating their market place and increasing their market share versus the agents who were picking up the odd listing and sale which is unstainable. People are beginning to see the agent leaders not as an Authority but their ‘Hero’. A Hero is someone who has their client’s back, seen as a level of strength and has the power to achieve incredible results. The Hero has such an ability like a superpower to communicate sales certainty. You too can learn the communication process to articulate, illustrate and demonstrate on how to enrol them into your sales process rather than trying to sell them a sales process.

This year your clients have felt a level of uncertainty and fear. The buyer and seller are looking for a ‘safer experience’ in 2021. If the buyer or seller feels safer with you than without you, everything else changes. Resistance in the sales process often stems from the buyer feeling like they are under pressure or at risk. If you can make the buyer feel safe all the way through the process and reduce all the pressure, they are then emotionally released to participate in the process more fully which will allow them to opt in more fully. Therefore, when the buyer feels safer in the process to buy now this flows onto the seller and when this happens you will feel a level of flow in the sale.

The final shift you will learn is bringing in your ‘incontestable’ value in 2021. Offering a level of value that is so obvious and profound when you express it to the customer-Why You and Your Brand, that there is a high level of connection between you and the prospect. You get them and they get you. Its called a ‘sense of acuity’. We will help develop your ‘incontestable’ value to win more listings and increase your conversion.
This session is designed to unlock the roadmap for 2021.


Did you know that 95% of the people who set goals never follow through? The reason is that most people do not understand the process of how to produce lasting results— they just never take the first steps. The following process will walk you through how to get started and create the momentum that will drive you to follow through. By participating in this session, you will gain clarity around where you have been, where you are now, and where you see yourself in the new year and beyond. It will also help you create a simple plan to set up your new year so that it truly compels, excites, and drives you.
1. Get Clear.
2. Get Certain.
3.Get Excited
4. Get Focused.
5. Get Committed.
6. Get Momentum
7.Get Smart
We have the incredible speaker and WIM HOFF method instructor Johannes Egbert.

In this 3 hour session Johannes will take you through an immersion process based on the powerful method foundation of the 3 pillars: Breathing, cold therapy and commitment.

Johannes understands we humans are capable of a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. We need to be more vulnerable, trust more, have more courage and a deeper connection within ourselves. He plans to take us through a Mindset Shift-a recalibration of intention. Of Fear Vs Love.  
Understanding the power of breathing plays a major role on how we centre ourselves in times of adversity, stress, fear or physically pushing ourselves to the limit. The Breath-work theory that he will deliver will have you realise the importance of breathing and the power of breath as our life force.
Then to complete an amazing day Johannes will prepare and guide us through the Cold Exposure theory and finish off with a practical session….I did say Practical!
By the end of the day you will have a rock solid business foundation specifically designed to give you the freedom, fun and fulfilment you want out of life and business.
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